21c. Our Guardian Angels – Special Guardian Angels

There can be no reasonable doubt, if we consider the language of Scriptures together with the common teaching of the Holy Fathers, that kingdoms and dioceses also have their guardian spirits. It is likewise probable that popes and kings, and prelates and other rules have, over and above the angel guardian assigned to them from birth, a special angel of a higher order, whose place it is to guide them according to the dictates of that higher prudence which their public duties call for. This angel would be of the choir of the archangels, or perhaps, in the case of the greatest kings and pontiffs, of the order of the principalities.

It is, furthermore, a weighty opinion that special angels are charged with the care of the various portions of the universe – of what used to be known as the elements – that is, earth, fire, water, air, and of the different species of material things, both animate and inanimate. This is not without foundation in Holy Scripture, and especially in the Apocalypse, where we read of “the angels of the waters,” and of “the angel who had power over fire.” And it is also the opinion of Saint Thomas, Saint Augustine, and other Fathers, and is defended by Suarez.

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