18f. Dominations

The dominations hold the highest place among the angels of the second hierarchy. They resemble the principalities in this, that as the latter not only hold the highest place in the lowest hierarchy, but enjoy a certain precedence over angels and archangels, with authority to direct them, so the dominations are supreme over all the blessed spirits of the inferior choirs; and without being directly occupied with any functions having for their end the government of the world or of the human race, they exercise a high control over the ministry of the lower angels, directing them in the discharge of their offices, but in away which it is difficult to explain without seeming to identify their functions with those of the principalities or powers.

One thing we can say of them with certainty: their names reflect the mystery which surrounds their nature and their functions. It implies a loftier order of intelligences than those previously described – a class of beings whose striking characteristic is an extraordinary elevation in the duties that fall to them, and a corresponding freedom from restraint in their discharge.

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